Patients who are bed-bound require special care, for when incapacity forces them to bed and limits their activities, their bodies reacts negatively.
These problems include muscles stiffening and contracting, skin breaking down and forming wounds known as bed sores and their lungs getting wetter and less able to breathe effectively. Sometimes small blood clots can form in their blood vessels and cause complications. Even the best mattress in the world becomes an uncomfortable prison if you can never escape from it.
Among other things, our caregivers change the patient’s position frequently; assist at mealtimes and when taking medication; perform daily skin checks; give bed baths and generally assist with grooming.

Our facilities are geared for patients with almost any disability, including bed-bound patients and patients in wheelchairs.  We can assist them with movement and speech impairment and daily activities like ablution functions, feeding, dressing and general mobility.
The unique lifestyle at Ekukhanyeni Assistance Living will be enhanced by providing Residents with optimal Home Care, Assisted Living Care and Frail Care. Residents will be able to maintain their quality of life in a familiar environment with various support services available, including emergency care.

The Care Centre Services will be rendered in a holistic way. Residents will at all times be cared for by professional, trained staff, maintaining the world class standard of services. Residents will have access to Home Based Care per their individual needs and will be taken care of in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible.

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