Food Parcels and Hygiene products

➣  We provide four meals per day to the elderly people.
➣  Food parcels will assist with ensuring that we can provide these
     four meals per day.
➣  The elderly people manage to eat a lot of soft foods and dairy
     products(milk, porridge, tea, sugar, rise, vegetables, yogurt,
     pasta, instant soup, bread, peanut butter, jam, tin foods).
➣  Hygiene is a very important and helps prevent infection, sickness
     and diseases.
➣  We bath the elderly patients twice per day. Hygiene products is a
     necessity (bath soap, shampoo, body lotions, deodorant, powder,
     Vaseline, tooth paste ,wipes, adult nappies, toilet paper, tissues)
Cutlery and Utensils

➣  Pots and pans too prepare the daily meals
➣  Spoons, plates, mugs, forks and knifes too eat the meals with.
➣  Kettles and earns to make refreshment drinks and cooking


➣  We have patients that have to visit the clinic daily and some
     twice a week. Due to the compulsory visits we have to
     provide transport to the clinic and back to the old age home.
➣  + - 26 patients visits per week.
➣  A good reliable working vehicle will be much appreciated as
    the one we currently have is old and not reliable.(we have to
    make use of public transport twice a week)
➣  Petrol allowance per month will be of much appreciation.
Wheelchairs and Walkers

➣  Our patients are old and frail. They find it difficult to move around
     by walking. We assist their mobility with wheel chairs and walker.
➣  Unfortunately we do not have enough for all the patients that are
     currently in our care.
➣  Wheel chairs assist our patients with the enjoyment of fresh air
     and sunlight outdoors.
➣  Assist with daily activities.
➣  Clinic visits

➣  Televisions
➣  Mattresses
➣  Beds
➣  Chest of drawers
➣  Tables
➣  Chairs
➣  Sofas

➣  Blankets
➣  Towels
➣  Curtains
➣  Bedding and pillows

➣  Washing machines-laundry for bedding and clothing
➣  Tumble dryers- Drying clothes during winter and on rainy days
➣  Washing lines-Air dry washing on sunny days

Water Supplies

➣  Jojo tanks-Sufficient water supply.
bore holes- supply the jojo tanks with water


➣  Clothes
➣  Sleep wear
➣  Overalls
➣  Uniforms
➣  Socks
➣  Slippers

Electrical Appliances

➣  Gas stoves
➣  Heaters
➣  Microwaves
➣  Lawn mowers
➣  Weed eaters.➣ 
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